Ontario Universities Welcome Partnerships to Ensure Ontarians Succeed in Modern Economy

Ontario universities look forward to building on existing partnerships and creating new ones with employers and communities to ensure that Ontario’s graduates thrive – personally and professionally – in the new knowledge economy.

Today, the Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel chaired by Sean Conway identified a fresh strategy to bridge the worlds of skills development, education and training in its report Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Shared Responsibility.

Universities recognize that a collaborative approach is most effective in preparing the next generation to succeed in the changing world and the evolving workplace. And it is in the interests of everyone in Ontario to do their part to allow individuals and therefore the Ontario economy to reach their true potential.

A highly skilled society is the key to prosperity for us all.

Ontario universities look forward to expanding partnerships that will present new opportunities for students to stretch the boundaries of innovation, test the skills learned in the classroom through experiential learning, and realize their dreams to create their own businesses.

In a dynamically changing global economy, our students deserve every opportunity to use all that they learn at school to reach their full potential and to help Ontario do the same.

David Lindsay
President and CEO
Council of Ontario Universities

– 30 –

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