Ontario universities showcase new world-class learning and research facilities

Fourteen Ontario universities are joining others across the country to celebrate the federal-provincial infrastructure program that has created world-class facilities for research and education on our campuses. Several other universities have either already showcased their new facilities to the public or will do so when they identify appropriate timing for their communities.

During Open Doors, Open Knowledge, a program organized by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), campuses across Canada will open their doors to the public to celebrate infrastructure funding made through the federal Knowledge Infrastructure Program and other provincial partnerships. See AUCC website.

“This program is an excellent opportunity for Ontario universities to join the rest of the country in demonstrating how provincial and federal infrastructure funding has enhanced learning and research facilities on our campuses,” says Bonnie M. Patterson, President and CEO of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). “Our students are benefiting from technologically-advanced classrooms, modern labs and libraries, and more sustainable campuses.”

In 2009, Ontario universities received $500.3 million from the federal program, which was matched by $607.1 million from the provincial government. 

“Since projects at Ontario universities were approved, construction on the various facilities has stimulated the economy of local communities and advanced the learning and research environments for students and faculty,” says Patterson. “We now have an excellent opportunity to celebrate these facilities during Open Doors, Open Knowledge.”


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