Ontario’s universities welcome new investment in STEM graduates to boost talent pipeline

“Universities are pleased to partner with the Ontario government to increase the number of postsecondary students graduating in STEM by 25 per cent over the next five years, as Ontario positions itself as the single largest producer of postsecondary graduates in science, technology, engineering and math per capita in North America.

Universities recognize that two things stand out when investors are scouting for new locations in which to invest: an outstanding talent pipeline, and flourishing communities where people want to live and can access world-class postsecondary education and health care most economies can only dream of.

These Ontario hallmarks are why Google’s innovation offshoot chose Ontario in its international search for a new site and, quite rightly, it’s what Ontario is putting front and centre in its bid to attract the next Amazon headquarters.

Ontario’s universities say: ‘Count us in.’ Helping to fuel the talent pipeline and creating thriving communities is a call to action we heartily embrace.

Employers have told us a healthy talent pipeline needs a workforce highly skilled in STEM, and most recently artificial intelligence.

They have also told us they value adaptable skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving that are crucial in an ever-shifting, 21st-century knowledge economy.

Tomorrow’s world needs doctors and biochemists with expertise in how artificial intelligence can drive health-care solutions, and it needs humanities students with business skills to make their ideas work in the marketplace.

The talent pipeline is already strong, and Ontario’s universities are committed to partnering for a better future for all Ontarians. Universities will continue to work with all our partners to supply the talented and skilled graduates that will drive Ontario’s prosperity for generations to come.”

David Lindsay
President and CEO
Council of Ontario Universities


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