Universities look forward to working with Premier Ford’s first cabinet to build a better future for the people of Ontario

Ontario’s universities congratulate the ministers sworn in today to the cabinet of Premier Doug Ford, and we look forward to working with the new government as partners in building a better future for the people of Ontario.

In particular, we offer our congratulations to Dr. Merrilee Fullerton in her role as the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. Dr. Fullerton has had a distinguished career as a physician, and we now offer her our full support in working together to create a brighter future of hope and prosperity for students. Our postsecondary institutions stand ready to provide the skills, talent, and research and innovation needed to fuel a strong economy that helps provide a better life for all Ontarians.

Universities also welcome future partnerships with the many other ministers whose work aligns with the commitments we have made to partner for a better future for students, communities and the province in areas such as jobs and skills, the economy, health care, research and innovation, community development and public services and infrastructure.

Universities are keenly aware of the trust placed in them by Ontarians to invest their funds efficiently for the best possible outcomes for students and the greater social and economic good. We believe that strong postsecondary institutions are vital for a strong Ontario and, as the province enters a new era, we look forward to being partners in a stronger Ontario for all.

David Lindsay,
President and CEO
Council of Ontario Universities

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