The Council is supported by the following standing committees. View the membership lists of COU’s committees below.


The Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents provides leadership on matters related to educational excellence, the advancement of academic quality, and major policy issues affecting the academic operations of universities.

Administration & Finance

The Council of Senior Administrative Officers (CSAO) provides leadership and facilitates discussion and the exchange of information on matters related to universities’ administrative policies and practices.

Institutional Planning

The Council on University Planning and Analysis provides leadership on matters related to universities’ planning and analysis functions.

Chairs of ON Universities

The Council of Chairs of Ontario Universities facilitates communication among Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Immediate Past Chairs of the governing bodies of Ontario universities, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of Board governance.

Faculties of Medicine

The Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine facilitates coordination and communication between the faculties of medicine of Ontario universities, and provides advice to COU on matters related to medical education and research.


The Council of Ontario University Secretaries acts as a communication vehicle among Secretaries of university senates and governing bodies in order to promote effective university governance.


The Ontario Universities Strategic Communications Council acts as professional information network and a forum for discussion for university communication directors in Ontario


The Ontario Council on University Research provides leadership on the research interests of COU members and provides a forum for discussion on research policy.

Aging and Health

The Ontario Interdisciplinary Council for Aging & Health seeks to enhance the well-being of older adults in Ontario by promoting partnerships and collaboration among universities and stakeholders to improve interdisciplinary and interprofessional education, research, policy and practice related to aging.

Government Relations Officers

The Government Relations Officers Community of Practice convenes Government Relations Officers from universities to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of issues of common interest, serve as a consultative body on provincial advocacy and advise COU on discussions with public officials with respect to sector-wide government advocacy.

Aboriginal Education

The Reference Group on Aboriginal Education is comprised of educators, counsellors, and administrators from universities and works to build and support a continuum of education and development that enables Aboriginal students to access learning and to thrive on their learning journey.